In the recently held 50 Great Mid-size Places to Work Awards, Doyensys received recognition yet again. Winning in this category for two years in a row is no mean feat. Particularly, when there are some renowned names in the competition.

The Great Place to Work is the ‘gold standard’ that organisations wish to achieve. The results are an outcome of stringent evaluations where the companies are assessed on several factors. Doyensys is proud to have passed this test with flying colours, yet again.


Since its inception in 2006, Doyensys is committed to fostering a culture of high productivity and a healthy workplace environment. Due to its highly-engaged workforce and strong leadership, the company has grown and how. It is now a team of 250+ employees and services clients in India, the US and Canada.

Despite its tremendous growth, the commitment of the company towards its employees has remained undeterred. As a matter of fact, it has only strengthened. The results are evident in the new initiatives that focus on providing an efficient and motivating workplace environment to the employees.

Let’s explore what sets Doyensys apart from the competition.

  • Respect

Doyensys believes and promotes respecting every individual irrespective of the caste, gender and background. We encourage a culture where every individual’s views and opinions are valued. The team leaders encourage a free flow of ideas and give everyone a fair chance.

  • Integrity

The strong foundation of Doyensys stems from ethical business practices. The company follows the highest code of transparency and principles when dealing with customers or employees. It not only helps us gain more credibility but also establishes more trust with our business partners.

  • Continuous learning

Doyensys believes that the company’s growth is directly linked to that of the employees. A culture of constant learning not only makes our employees feel more valued but also enhances our talent capabilities. Doyensys sponsors the employees to learn and get certificates in their area of expertise.

Doyensys also encourages sharing this knowledge with the internal and external worlds to develop a competent ecosystem.

  • Friendly workplace

At Doyensys, the employees are a part of one big family where everyone looks out for one another. The happy workplace ensures that employees look forward to every new day at work. Moreover, it makes our employees more resilient and allows them to bounce back from periods of stress and failures with much more energy and enthusiasm.

Doyensys has an unwavering commitment towards building a happy and productive workplace and will continue its efforts in this direction.

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