Oracle Cloud has been growing tremendously and playing a vital role in the reduction of your CAPEX and OPEX by migrating any application to its state of the art Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Oracle not only reduces the costs but also stands out amongst its competitors with its Open standards, unrivaled security, and comprehensive migration services that motivate organizations to embrace migrations of the applications on-premise to cloud.

features-of-application-migration-services-in-oracle-cloud-infrastructureOracle offers a secure, scalable, high performing Oracle cloud quickly, easily and with no or very minimal interruption to your business operations.

Benefits of Oracle Cloud:

  • Operations in the Cloud
  • DevTest/Production Environments on the cloud
  • Archiving in the Cloud
  • Moving Apps to the Cloud
  • Application Consolidation on the cloud
  • Running Big Data Analytics on the cloud
  • Infrastructure revamping on-premise
  • Moving Data Center to the Cloud

“Application Migration” capability of Oracle Cloud can be used to migrate applications, such as Oracle Java Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service, and Integration Classic applications, from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Each migration involves a single application movement from a specified source to a specified compartment in OCI. Tags can be added to your resources to organize them accordingly to your business needs. And also it can be added while creating a resource or you can update the resource later with the desired tags.

Application Migration follows a very systematic approach to migrating the applications to OCI. The Workflow of a successful migration process is as follows :

  • Complete the prerequisites
  • Create a source in Application Migration
  • List applications
  • Create a migration in Application Migration.
  • Configure the migration
  • Start the migration
  • Complete the post-migration tasks

Applications which are supported for migration with “Application Migration” capability as follows:

  • Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Oracle SOA Cloud Service
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud – Classic
  • Oracle Integration
  • Oracle Process Cloud Service
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Oracle Cloud has been expanding its footprint significantly, currently, the application migration capability is available in the below regions :

  • Australia East (Sydney)
  • Germany Central (Frankfurt)
  • UK South (London)
  • US East (Ashburn)
  • US West (Phoenix)

Oracle offers the below Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), as they assist and pave the way to perform the migration job much easier.

  • Create Migration
  • Update Migration
  • Migrate Application
  • Change Migration Compartment
  • Get Migration
  • List Migrations
  • Delete Migration

These are the features of Application Migration Services in OCI for moving an application from a source to a cloud easily.

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