Snapshot Carousel
This is a repository for periodic point-in-time copies of a PDB. The Snapshot Carousel is ideally suited to development environments that typically require multiple copies of databases at different points in time, or to augment a non-mission critical backup and recovery process.

Refreshable PDB Switchover
The refreshable PDB switchover capability enables the creation and maintenance of replicas on a per-PDB basis with only two CDBs to manage.

Enhanced Integration with Data Guard
simplifies PDB provisioning operations in high availability configurations, protected by Data Guard.

Dynamic Lockdown Profiles
Changes to Lockdown Profiles are now dynamically propagated to all applicable PDBs, without the need to restart either PDB or CDB.

CDB Fleet Management
A CDB Fleet is a group of CDBs managed collectively. This further extends Multitenant’s operational efficiency advantage: In a CDB, we can manage many PDBs as one. Now, with CDB Fleet, we can manage many CDBs as one!

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